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Our technologies


The technology used by BIODEX is based on compact units of production with a capacity of 16,000 m3/year. The CPU reactors (Compact Production Unit) produce 2,000 kg of biodiesel per hour (manufactured in accordance with international standards).


















Production Process


The production zone mainly includes 4 machines: two reactors, a control and distribution unit and a used oils filtration and purification unit.

The raw material (used oil) is extracted from external storage tanks through a central unit which transfers it to the treatment and pre-esterification unit where it will undergo  a physico-chemical treatment which essentially reduces fatty acids, water content, and alkali   (sodium and potassium).


The purified oil will then be channeled to the reactors where it will react with   the mixture methanol-KOH (potassium methanolate or methylate) leading first (1st stage) to an incomplete trans-esterification. The product thus obtained is then channeled to another part of the reactor where the reaction will be completed (2nd stage).

Methyl Ester will be channeled to the wash station for purification following a procedure based on liquid extraction (water and methanol) 

Water obtained from washing is channeled to a liquid waste treatment plant. 

Glycerin is forwarded to the appropriate storage location, whereas excess Methanol will be recycled and reinjected in the process.

The washed and purified biodiesel (obtained through distillation), is sent (following a chemical analysis) to the external storage tanks.



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